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ActiveCampaign Announces Its Availability on Listing of the Shopify App Store

With the Shopify and ActiveCampaign integration, Shopify merchants can use Shopify cart, purchase and even discount code data to create personalized marketing campaigns that engage shoppers, reduce cart abandonment, and capture up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. A dedicated e-commerce Dashboard and Marketing Revenue report show Situs Poker Online which efforts are working and which aren’t, so they can quickly update workflows and email efforts.

Shopify’s app assistant technology, Kit, is also supported by ActiveCampaign. Kit acts as an additional employee and will ping users directly to set up product review and abandon cart automations, saving valuable time and identifying gaps in the customer journey to recover potentially lost revenue.

The ActiveCampaign integration also helps merchants to:

View shopper preferences and behavioral data to personalize interactions and outreach
Create custom segments, tags, and lists to send timely and relevant emails to different groups
Elevate existing strategies with machine learning capabilities like Predictive Sending
Show each customer the content that matters to them with conditional content and product blocks
Leverage over 200 additional integrations to further build out their stack or use existing technologies

Marketing Technology News: DoubleVerify Integrates with Pinterest to Enhance its Ad Fraud Verification Solution

“You can literally build any automation you want with ActiveCampaign, as well as send regular campaigns,” said Simon from Awesome Maps. “The integration with Shopify works flawlessly. I have all customer data right in ActiveCampaign and can filter contacts based on their shopping history which is great. For us, it’s a vital tool that pays for itself.”

“ActiveCampaign is committed to becoming the leading customer experience automation platform for e-commerce businesses,” said Tony Newcome, CTO at ActiveCampaign. “We help over 3,000 Shopify merchants connect more effectively to customers, by giving them a deeper understanding of buyer preferences and shopping behaviors and allowing them to create targeted campaigns quickly and easily using Shopify data. We are excited to be expanding our presence on the Shopify store, and giving more businesses the chance to leverage this combined solution for personalized customer engagement.”

New customers will benefit from an offer that includes free migration and implementation, further enhancing their ActiveCampaign onboarding experience.

Self Improvement Tips For Issue Players


  • take care of significant tabs, for example, your home loan, on payday before you bet
  • invest more energy with loved ones who don’t bet
  • manage your obligations as opposed to overlooking them – visit the National Debtline for tips



  • see betting as an approach to bring in cash – attempt to consider it to be diversion
  • restrain your stresses over your betting – converse with somebody
  • assume acknowledgment cards with you when you go betting
  • For progressively self improvement tips, see the Royal College of Psychiatrists site.
  • In case you’re influenced by somebody’s betting
  • In case you’re having issues in light of someone else’s betting, it’s ideal to be straightforward with them about it. They have to know how their conduct is influencing you.
  • Backing is likewise accessible to individuals who are stressed over another person’s betting:
  • Gamcare offers backing and data for accomplices, loved ones of individuals who bet urgently.
  • GamAnon
  • Nearby care groups for anybody influenced by another person’s betting issue – discover your closest gathering.


Untuk bisa menang dalam bermain situs slot online, pemain harus bisa mengalahkan lawan. Ada banyak cara untuk mengalahkan lawan. Namun sebelum itu, pemain harus mengenal seperti apa karakteristik lawan yang sedang dihadapi. Informasi seputar kekuatan lawan, gaya bermainnya, kelemahannya ini semua akan menjadi bahan pertimbangan dalam menyusun rencana dan strategi yang tepat untuk mengalahkan lawan.


Top Trick To Win On Slot Poker Online

The continuation bet has evolved a lot since Volume One of Harrington on Hold ‘Em first introduced the concept to the poker-playing public. The general idea, as Harrington explained it, was that most flops miss most hands. If you don’t start with a pair in the hole, it’s hard to flop one, meaning that even if the flop didn’t help you, it probably didn’t help your opponent either. Thus, Harrington recommends that when you raise pre-flop with an unpaired hand and miss the flop, you should usually bluff at it anyway, at least if only one opponent saw the flop with you. This is a “continuation” of the pre-flop action, where you’ve already represented strength by agen joker123, whereas your opponent has shown weakness by just calling.

That works just fine when your opponent does not understand this concept himself, which you could pretty much count on back when Harrington on Hold ‘Em was first published. Nowadays, thanks in no small part to that book, the continuation bet is a widely understood and employed concept. Even weaker players will often fire a bluff at the flop if they raised pre-flop, and they’ll expect you to do the same.

Does this mean you should stop continuation betting? Certainly not! The premises underlying Harrington’s original argument haven’t changed: most flops still miss most hands, and the pre-flop raiser usually has a stronger range than the pre-flop caller. As with anything in poker, you simply need to understand this concept better than your opponents do in order to make money with it. This article will suggest a number of nuances to consider when deciding whether to follow up your pre-flop raise with a continuation bet on the flop.

Opponent Tendencies  – This one factor swamps all of the others combined, so you need to consider it first. You can have a strong range, great barreling opportunities, and tons of outs, but if your opponent shoves all-in anytime anyone bets the flop, then you shouldn’t try to bluff him. Similarly, against a nit who won’t call a bet with less than top pair, you should bluff even when nothing stronger than the 18th nuts is in your range, you have no outs, and you are out of position.

In other words, all of the advice here is subject to your judgment and may even be irrelevant if your opponent is as blatantly exploitable as those above. If you are playing online and using a HUD, the most important statistic to look for here is your opponent’s Fold to Continuation Bet %. If the number is high, you should bluff often.

If it’s low, bluffing could still be correct. You should look next at how often he folds to turn bets. If he rarely folds the flop but often folds the turn, then he is a good candidate for a double barrel bluff, which could prove to be even more profitable than if you had simply succeeded in your flop bluff. We’ll talk more about setting up multi-barrel bluffs in a moment.

It is important to realize that these numbers don’t take any situational factors into account, so they are not a complete substitute for your own judgment. Just because your opponent has folded to 18 of the last 25 continuation bets you’ve seen him face doesn’t mean he will fold a 9 [spade] 8 [spade] 7 [diamond] flop when he called your small blind raise on his big blind. Consider opponent tendencies first and foremost, but consider them in light of the other factors discussed here.

Patrik Antonius Up $345k on Full Tilt Poker in June

It�s not surprising that the high stakes action on Full Tilt Poker has been very light so far in June, considering that the World Series of Judi Online is currently taking place.

Many of the high stakes regulars on Full Tilt Poker (Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, etc) have been completely absent from the site in June, occupied by massive prop bets, World Series of Poker events and cash games in either “Bobby�s Room” or the new �Ivey Room� at the Aria Casino. Many of these names have millions of dollars in World Series of Poker prop bets on the go, so they are playing as many events as humanly possible. Any downtime from the grind of the World Series of Poker is usually spent on the golf course, and not on Full Tilt Poker.

After the first 17 days of June, Patrik Antonius currently sits on top of the FTP cash game leaderboard with a total profit of $345,080.00. This $345k profit has come despite the fact that Antonius has logged just 781 hands on the site so far this month.

Other players who have gotten off to decent starts in June include:

“Vaga_Lion”, +192k
Cole South, +163k
“Ziigmund”, +155k
“Doesburg”, +106k

“Odonkor1” has suffered the biggest losses of anyone on Full Tilt Poker so far in June, dropping a total of $235k over 2,214 tracked hands.

Other players who have lost at least $100k on the site so far this month are:

�harrington25�, -228k
�Isildur1�, -174k
�I Scubba I�, -132k
�OMGClayAiken�, -108k
David Benefield, -106k
“fishosaurusREX”, -100k

�Isildur1� has logged a large number of hands (25,830 tracked hands according to so far this month, but hasn�t been able to gain any momentum. Most people want to see him regain his bankroll so that he can re-energize the high stakes games once again.