Tips To Introducing Your New Cat to Your Children

In case you’re adding a feline to the family unit and considering how he will coexist with your kid, don’t stress. With the correct presentations, a couple of straightforward guidelines, and the correct supplies, your feline and your little one can frame a brilliant bond.


To enable your new catlike to get off on the correct paw, plan a family meeting before he returns home. Discussion about how four-legged Fluffy will require some persistence and TLC to feel welcome. Talk with your kid about how sympathy and compassion for her hairy companion goes far toward prevailing upon him, as does realizing how to approach, stroke, and handle the feline securely.

Tell your youngster the best way to delicately pet the feline’s head and back by daintily stroking your kid’s arm for instance. Stress the significance of not contacting, snatching, or pulling touchy territories, for example, the feline’s hide, tail, ears, feet, and tummy. Show your kid how to get the feline under the chest with one hand and bolster the rump with the other.

Disclose to your kid how felines utilize their bodies to communicate what they’re feeling. In cat dialect, when felines sway their tails it doesn’t mean they’re glad to welcome you; it implies they’re irritated. At the point when a feline’s ears lie level against his head as well as his eyes are all the way open, he’s terrified.

Your kid ought to likewise adhere to these guidelines:

1. Calm voices are an unquestionable requirement.

2. Prodding and pursuing the feline are beyond reach.

3. Contacting the feline when he’s eating or resting is a major no-no.

4. To forestall getting scratched or nibbled, show your youngster not to put her face near the feline.

Security FIRST

The feline will require time to settle in, however until that occurs, children should regard his requirement for security. Your feline may incline toward safe spots to stow away, for example, the highest point of a dresser, under the bed, or a gated-off room.

At the point when together, kids and felines ought to consistently be managed.


To enable your feline to feel comfortable, load up on a couple of provisions before he shows up:

Bedding: Opt for a comfortable resting territory with a delicate cover.


Raised stage: Cats blossom with resting up high and looking down at the scene beneath.

Nourishment and water bowls: Stainless steel nourishment and water bowls are alluring and strong.

Prepping supplies: Cats are self-preparing creatures, however you’ll despite everything need a brush and nail scissors to keep your catlike putting his best self forward. The Magic Coat® Gentle Slicker Wire Brush is extraordinarily intended for felines to take out undesirable hair with a delicate touch. The Ultimate Touch® Cat Claw Clipper takes into account brisk, simple nail cutting.

Nourishment and water: Your feline merits quality, nutritious dinners, just as access to cool, crisp water.

Litter box and litter

Wellbeing neckline and ID tag: If your feline gets out, his neckline with ID label will assist him with discovering his way back to you. Your veterinarian can likewise embed a microchip.

Scratching post: Look for a solid, unpleasant finished post, similar to the Super Catnip® Scratching Post. Your feline will need to extend while scratching, so pick one that can oblige his tallness.

Toys: Choose protected, intuitive toys, similar to Super Catnip® Crazy Pants.

At the point when your feline feels invited into your home with the correct supplies, and the children welcome him suitably, the relationship will bloom.