Tips to Introducing Your New Dog to Your Children

Children and mutts go together like nutty spread and jam—more often than not. To enable this mix to stay together for a glad deep rooted relationship, make a couple of strides before adding a four-legged companion to your family unit.

Establish GOOD FIRST Connections

Before the new pooch gets back home, plunk down with your kid and other relatives and talk about a couple of basic principles. All grown-ups ought to concede to and authorize them.

Discussion about how early introductions matter, and clarify that the pooch needs time and everybody’s understanding to appropriately conform to his new environment. In the event that the pooch didn’t grow up with kids, he may not realize the proper behavior around them and might be frightened, apprehensive, or excessively energized.

Boisterous, quick moving little children can overpower a canine. In the event that he’s anxious about the kids, he might not have any desire to play with them and will maintain a strategic distance from any contact. Disclose to your kid to utilize her delicate indoor voice when talking and avoid tossing toys. This will tell the pooch that kids are alright and can give a ton of fun.

Contingent upon her age, your youngster can help care for the canine however ought to never be required to perform fundamental tasks alone, for example, nourishing, giving crisp water, tidying up wrecks, or going for him for a stroll. Your kid can play with the pooch and give him treats or another toy, yet just with severe grown-up supervision.


To facilitate your pooch’s progress to your family, it assists with loading up on doggy supplies before he shows up. Here are a couple of essential supplies your canine will require:

Neckline and ID: Look for a cozy fitting clasp or snap neckline made of cowhide or material. Connect ID labels that incorporate your present contact data.

Case and bed: A quality case, similar to one of the Four Paws® Deluxe Dog Crates, diminishes housetraining time and gives the ideal cave, giving your canine some harmony and calm. A delicate, comfortable bed does something amazing for sweet dreams.

Pooch nourishment and treats: Your canine friend has the right to eat nutritious suppers and treats to stay in the best condition.

Preparing things: You’ll need canine cleanser, doggy toothpaste and a toothbrush, nail scissors, and a brush or a look over suitable for your pooch’s jacket. Enchantment Coat® prepping instruments will enable your canine to look and feel his best.

Rope: A tough, 100-percent regular cotton Four Paws® Dog Training Lead feels good to hold however sufficient for your canine. At 5/8″ wide, with a strong bronze swivel snap that cuts safely onto your canine’s neckline, these rope come in lengths from 6 feet to 50 feet.

Toys: A couple of bite toys will help keep your canine engaged when you’re in any case involved.

Acquainting your pooch with your youngster in a positive manner and loading up on the correct canine supplies will get the relationship off on the correct paw!


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